I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks

break me down.

i remember when you'd say i was pretty when i cried.
id be fucking gorgeous to you now.

you still had the necklace and rings in that picture.
"you know the thing with movies like this is, no boy will ever be that way. Hell never play the perfect song on the perfect night. Girls like you convince themselves that this is real life, and honey real life is nothing like a john cusack movie. nothing."
Imincrediblylame: if he ever really loved you, it wouldn't just stop it would always be there
Imincrediblylame: it doesn't stop, and if it does, it wasnt' real. Considering all of that, you shouldn't want to be with someone that thinks like he does anyways

im so incredibly sick of hearing this.

How much do i love john and catie for making me feel better today. I watched say anything today, and edward scissorhands. I should watch bedknobs and broomsticks. something upbeat. I layed in my bed till john got here and i went and saw jerry. I dont know. I wish i could be like that.

I didnt want to move but casey and catie came over and she gave me tapes, and we went to her house to watch dancer in the dark. It really disturbed me. too much i felt sick afterwards. Greg has been the only person who has put effort into trying to help me. and im so thankful. The fact that hes putting the arguments and tension behind him because i he knows i need him makes me so grateful. At least well stay good friends.

i am happy that things are becoming better for my friends. When everyone can smile again im sure it will be easier for me too.

I dont mean to say things or write things to make you upset. Its how im dealing with this. I dont know how itll help but i need this. I want you to be happy, and i understand that i dont make you happy anymore. I cant pretend that i do anymore either. I just hope shes everything you need.

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