I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks

do you love me?

yesterday it seems far away.
and this time i wont take the chance at all.
so take this chance away
on our anniversary

my shoes! and bug bites.

I think its better if i dont explain these.

so hot hot heat was on conan. thanks colinconnor. So good made me think of mah gurls.!
and greg was right venus as a boy can for sure seduce some girls.
i love it more than anything right now. well almost you know

also i want to go to blood brothers.? anyone down

Birthday: dec 17th
Zodiac Sign: saggitarius
Gender: girl
What time is it? 156
Are you sensitive? depends. sometimes yes. if i care about you yes.

Last Person who...
Called you? greg
Slept in your bed? colin. over night. jerry napped today.
saw you cry? jerry
Made you cry? jerry.
You shared a drink with? jerry had some of my lemonade. but we didnt share.
You went to the Movies with? whoa havent been in forever. i think it was pratta and jerry though
You went to the mall with? today! jerry and mich mich and steph
Yelled at you?mommy. and britt
Sent you an email? real email? god who fucking knows. amanda sent me pictures

Have you ever...
Taken a pic of yourself with a milk mustache and sent it to the Milk people? uh. no
Said "I Love you" and meant it? yes
Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat? me and gay kitty always fight, but he forgives me because he loves me.
Been to NY? no
Been to florida? yes
Been to California? uh no
Been to Hawaii? no
Been to Mexico? no
Been to China? No
Been to Canada?no
Danced naked? i wish. but i dont think so
Had a dream about something really crazy, then have it happen the next day? yea
Stalked someone?haha yes when i was younger. i guess you can consider the oldetown junks stalking too
Had a mud bath? no
Wished you were the opposite sex? not really
Had an imaginary friend? nope
What time is it now? 200
Apples or Bananas?bananas
Blue or red? red
bsb or nsynnc? nsync just cause of justin
Wal mart or target? walmart cause im there more
Spring or fall? spring. wait fall. cause its nice to wear hoodies
Santa or Rudolph? rudolph
What are you going to do after you finish this? talk to durger and sleep
What was the last meal you ate? um salad at applebees
High school or College? im in highschool
How many of your buddies are online? 29
Last movie you saw? dancer in the dark. eek
Last noise you heard? the air conditioner
Last smell you sniffed? i dont know
About your friends, who...
Laughs the weirdest? i dont know really. pete laughs funny and brent too and amies is really loud
Loudest? uh.. jess!
Is the quietest? catie
Is the funniest? well everyone is funny when they are together. but other than that. kenny if you consider him my friend
Is the Moodiest? jess. not to me but still
Is the Biggest pimpETTE? annaaaaa
is the Biggest player? raul
Is Easiest to tell every secret to? i dont keep many secrets. catie maybe and jess
Do you usually go to about all your problems? jerry. jess
Is your best bud of ALL time? um i dont know
last time you went out of state? the other day when me colin manda and john went to va.
Lucky number?6? 66
Do you have a crush on someone? yes
Do they know? yes
Do you have a girl friend? no. well jess.
What book are you reading now? grendel and second helpings! its in johns car though
Nicknames? for me? um britt. yea. britt and ryan calls me briney
hair color: now. its like reddish
Height: 5 4
Pets? garcia . jax. gay kitty. birdies. and hopefully [crosses fingers] a new additon. ahem
Siblings? 2
Been so drunk you blacked out? um yea at kennys that sucked
Taken any Illegal substance? uh speed haha and alcohol
Gone out in Public with your PJs on? yea
Missed school cus it was raining? i dont think so
Set any body part on fire for amusement? nope
Wanted to hook up with a friend? yea
Cried during a movie? yea ..yesterday edward scissorhands
Ever at anytime owned New Kids on the Block stuff? yes i do now! i just got the board game yo
Planned your week based on the TV Guide? no
Been on stage? yeah


Shampoo: loreal kids
Soap: burts bees peppermint.mm.
Colors? green and brown and red
Day or Night? nigh
Summer or Winter? summer
Lace or Satin?lace
Cartoon Character? eh. none

In the last two weeks, have you...

Cried? yeah
Cut your hair? No
Worn a skirt?yes
Been Sarcastic? yes
Talked to Someone you have a crush on? yes
Hugged someone? Yea
Fought with your parents? yes
Wished upon a star? no
Laughed until you cried? yeah fucking shit with greg hah
Played truth or dare? No
Watched a Sunrise/Sunset? sunrise
Wen t to the Beach at night? no
Spent Quality time alone? Yes
Ate a meal? yea
Are you lonely? now yes :[
Are you happy? im better
Are you talking to someone online? yea
what time is it now? 209

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