I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks


ok seriously i dont think i can put into words how happy i am at this moment.
i seriously love the girls more than ever right now.
were following the boys to blood bros. on monday. yes tight pants and hot hot.
We are bringing the singing machines. making that shit a tradition.
also, q and not u!! and.. reggie for free. and sexual favors.

Today i saw amanda. i love her. and i missed her. we just got slurpees and talked about things.
i hope everything works out.
i dont want no more drama.

Stephi and sergio came here! yes i love them both.
tomorrow me steph katie and sergio are going to oldetown and so are manda and britt.
we talked about anal sex and fun things.

also i love jerry.
hes making me the happiest girl right now.
and yes! im excited cause ill see him soon.
recording is lame and so is bennigans. miss you.
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