I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks

i guess we really blew it this time thea.

god. i love for keeps.
its on right now.
it makes me think of jerry cause hed watch it when i would tell him to.
and it makes me want to get pregnant and married.

i love you.

today was olde town with serj stephi and katie.
i love them all.
tomorrow is dress up and blood bros.

look at the shows coming up.

jul 30-warped tour/ rilo kiley
aug 7- q and not u -free
aug 8-dtown repruhhseent
aug 11- new amsterdams <3
aug 12- mae, armor for sleep
aug 18- reggie
aug 22-q and not u
sept 5- q and not u
sept 8-juliana theory/hopesfall

tell me why the sex pistols are playing in dc.?



everyone looks so fucking happy.

sergio preparing for the eletric fence

he got hardcore and did it on his stomach

this doesnt explain the humor in what sergio did. youd have to see the video footage on mine and katies camera. sooo funny. hah. <33

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ohhh man. sergio makes me laugh.
i dont even know him.

hmm this place looks familiar.

hell make you do a lot more than laugh honey.

can he shake his ass.

last night.. whoa.
ew im so lame. too bad you cant post the video with my leg kicking out.

i might go to blood brothers. eeeeee.
i wish i could put it up too
im so happy you went to blood bros.

if you werent there whos ass would i have grabbed?
if i wasn't ugly i could totally make your live journal look good.
girl please.
yous fine.