I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks

ok so many pictures.

Pre show.

Shes singing. you know. i like to move it move it.

jock jams. we so silly

me britt manda.

Dance disaster movement.

the robot

oh yes

this was one of the boys we danced with. he was my favorite. if you know him make him come to waldorf and dance with us again.nice jeans.

Britt got on stage and danced.


kisses. omfg tgs.





peter and tay.

These arms are snakes

we stalked him. well. we just got that shit before the show even started. its johnny from blood brothers but its blurry. you know. it was a spy move.

i really like this one. not just because we all like him.

mah gurls and tay, he got kicked in the face..

Blood brothers

you can see stephi in this one

oh dear.

britt messing with the big boys.

dancing wit the nikes boy!

today me and manda followed the ice cream man. dorchester =no.
rolled wit da high bills and stallion ciggarettes.

went to wakefield. left a note. then to the satellites. i had never been there. thorsen jerry spud and catie were there too. and we went in the satellite. well not spud cause hes scared. but it was nice. always hold onto memories. blood suckers forever. you know?

then we went to sakura for sushi! and to the movies to see some stupid action deal. i didnt like it much but it was silly to see jerry laugh so much. i luh him. tomorrow, me and amanda are hoping to find the blood brothers dvd.

brittany, we missed you <3 love you.
ride together die together.
got grounded for your girls!

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