I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks

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i just made amanda and britt a present.
today i saw jerry. <3 and joey.
me and manda worked. my car is fixed! thats good.
im talking to that boy we danced with. the one with nice jeans.
that excites me and makes me happy.

i uploaded some pictures so here...


The best license plate..ever.

also greg called me today. Hes mad at me because we havent talked all week. but he didnt call me either? i dont know why i cant just go "fuck you greg" I have this fear of telling him that. Or losing him. But i really think itd be simpler with him out of my life, Hes not looking for whats best for me. He was the one who said he didnt feel like driving to waldorf, and like he has to be a cunt about it all and be all sarcastic like "great talking to you". Eck. I didnt call him back tonight. and i dont think i will ever agian. Hes doing nothing but ruining me.

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