I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks

nice try

Last night mike from the blood bros show came to waldorf. We played at the satellites. it was scurry. beyond scurry. It was nice though, im just happy we did something instead sit around. hope he had fun, he was super nice. and can dance .. and wheres good jeans.we also played twister.which was amazing like always. Manda and i were up late. Then woke up early so i could see jerry before band practice.

He has a show in jersey on the 7th now. :[ i miss him. the 7th is q and not u. someone lets go?

Sat and watched jerry sleep then made him wake up so we could eat. eck i really wish hed get sleeping more so when i did see him he wouldnt sleep all day.<3! he told me i was pretty today when i was gross. and dirty from no shower. durger is the bomb. I really just hope recording gets done soon and these shows get them where they want.

No show today. its raining.
i think ill read all day
finish some books up you know.
but yeah. i have pictures but i have to upload them. word.
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