I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks


i dont like how you talk about him. seriously.. you should stop because it makes me feel like throwing up.

love you.

tomorrow isnt looking to fun fo reaal.
joey. ryan. get in touch with me about rilo. i bought the tickets today.

no one can.. or wants to go to q and not u on the 7th.
me and manda went shopping today.
i got a skirt, a shirt, and the marilyn sweater jess has but in black and white. bitch its true.

i also got a culture club record, and a thing im making into a purse.
me and manda found the hottest spot for baby barettes but its secret.
I miss britt she sent this cute email to us last night. love you girl.
i think tomorrow i should catch up on sleep.
i want to see jeremiah though. and to be couple like cause we havent in a while.
i want to call his gross names lil angel boy.. he called me muffin the other day. it was gross.

still havent spoken to greg, i really hope he doesnt call.
he makes my body hurt.

hair dye tomorrow. itll be a party.
i found two new license plates today! you know you are jealous.
i found one that said nekbraker or some shit. haha.
but the picture didnt work. which sucks.
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