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so crazy right now

so last night was rilo kiley. me and manda got up early got hair dye, with her bed head. searched for those blakc flip flops. failed. dyed hair. im back to black.

Then i swear it looked like real world or something we were getting ready in one bathroom with like curling irons and shit everywhere. then we ironed in the hallway. it was cute.super cute. we got dressed up. got colin. Went to the mall found those flip flops. and went to panera. borders. found some nice license plates.

THe show was good. Rilo kiley did really good, we left sorta early. its cool though im just upset they didnt play the frug :[ butt we always end up near odd dancers. and this group of dudes started to dance so i had to join in on that shit for real. They made my day. I met Alex! that was nice. ry catie and tay left early. that sucks they didnt even get to see rilo and had to pay:[jenny is cute. :[

me and manda had a fiesta at like 2 am at the burchmart and got food and made shirley temples.jerry had fun at warped tour which is good. i love him. and miss him.

this morning me and manda woke up and went to britts. Shes going crazy. were all going crazy. It was fun. i miss her like crazy. cant wait till she gets home from that trip junks. me and manda met up with mike.

im waiting for jerry to call now. if he does.i really hope so. i miss him and i want to sleep. itd be better if hed come here and be lazy with me.


ok. so this is sad and dissapointing. im tired of waiting so ill just sleep in fear of getting upset.
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