I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks


Last night we had a slumber party. Tay colin manda jerry and i. Saw lots of people alst night. We went to panera and spent my 15 dollars on a big ass meal for me and manda. Anddd then went to see scooter play. Chris short was there. And britt met us up there. How i miss her. She went shopping, so were having a clothes trade soon.

Jerrys house was silly. him and chris rapped and jerry wore gross outfits. Ryan and catie were with us too. i love them. And George and matt stopped by.

Anyways today britt got of restriction so me and manda and her and tay and jerry and maybe colin? are going to the movies. yay.

I have a lot of pictures to put on here. We've found a lot of license plates. Im hungry. I think when i leave mandas ill eat... something nice. If i could find it. the end.
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