I eat heart attacks (strawberyjam) wrote,
I eat heart attacks

earn points.

basically. last night was amazing.
blood bros. werent as good as i expected. but that dance disaster band.
holy hell.

no sleepover like expected but.
we still danced to jock jams
met boys on the beltwayy.. woord you know how we roll.
these boys werent ricos though.
the driver was beautiful.
we danced with boys again haha. um yeah. manda did hardcore and got on top of a pyramid.
and britt danced on stage with dance disaster.
you know flaunted her junk.

the only downfall was jerrys absence.
wish you could have come darling.
we could have had lots more fun with jerrys company.
i lu you.

john brookbank just drove by in his ice cream truck.
man waldorf has the most beautiful ice cream men now.
i went to mandas yesterday and passed one. so nice.

i lost my designer glasses.
not in my car.
heart = broken.
tonight me manda tay jerry<3 charissa and josh are getting sushi.
you know.. salad.

pictures later when the girls get them uploaded.

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