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waht have you heard

i've missed this song.
so today me and manda and john went to arundle mills to meet up with mike.
shopped. and i watched.
i did get new head bands and barettes from wal mart later though.
black flip flops have dissapeared forever.

i also got to see jerry. i <3 him
we didnt get to stick together too long.
but it was nice still.
Ryan was with him. I love ryan too. and ive missed him
he was super cute today. and his hair is getting longer!
haha. aw i miss ryan and jerry.
I want to go to ryans room and sleep on the bunk bed! and watch tv and have ryan complain about being bored.
and i miss catie too. god. I miss them, i miss our double dates.
can we have one soon? please.

tomorrow is rilo kiley.
its a busy day for me and amanda.
we gots lots to do.
and we have to find flip flops.
have to.
there are so many shows coming up. i read colins journal and mogwai is coming.
my hair is going to be black tomorrow. good.

i also uploaded random shit. so here.
jonathans car

thats how we roll in the rain.

andd more to add to the dy4ice collection

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